The history of letterpress printing in Singapore is particularly important in the Asian context, Singapore being one of the first few countries to employ letterpress printing. More importantly, the first set of Chinese types for letterpress printing were partially cut and used in Singapore way before China or other parts of the world. As a country with multilingual population, letterpress printing in Singapore was undertaken with various language in Jawi, Hindu, Latin Alphabets and Chinese types, thus giving us an unique letterpress setup, with the Chinese types in a standing type case and the western types in a drawer cabinet.
Typesettingsg began as a personal project in that aimed to preserve and promote traditional letterpress in Singapore, with a sole focus on handset types for all printings. The studio was established in early 2014 as an educational hub to share this form of printing and its history with a wider audience as well as the design community.
We conduct letterpress typesetting workshops, letterpress talks and rental of our studio press for individuals or communities who are interested in letterpress and its history. With our movable types, we are also able to conduct customised printing for functions, events and school workshop.                
A member of the International Association of Printing Museum. 
Studio setup
• 7 table top printing presses with 4 manual platen presses and 3 proof presses
• Over 100 set of fonts ranging from 8pt to 96pt metal types
• Over 50 set of decorative ornaments, borders, and initials
• Over 10k  Chinese types in both traditional and simplified scripts
• 10 sets of various lines wood types
• A collection of letterpress type specimens and course books on letterpress
• A collection of literature, ephemera and artifacts related to Singapore’s letterpress printing history
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